Lalit is 17 years old and has lost one leg to Cancer. He needs a pair of Crutches. Approximate cost is ₹1200-1500.

Mia Mohammed

Mia Mohammed ji needed a Pelvis MRI which we got done thanks to Meera ji. Now doctor is asking for the Films. Each film is for ₹500 and he needs 5 Films.  Help with ₹2500. He is waiting at the Diagnostic Lab.


Dharmender ji is 48 years old and 3 months back met with an accident with a truck. His very old mother Ram Beti ji is looking after him. They were stranded here as the mother had no idea how to go back home. Help them with a walker for Rs.1700, medicines for Rs.500 and train …

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Nazia is 25 years old. Her parents have expired. Due to a spinal cord injury in July 2021, she underwent a surgery in August. Presently, she is unable to move at all and need a wheelchair.


Satya is 4 years old. He has blood cancer and is presently admitted in A.I.I.M.S. His father is asking for an electric kettle.


Devanshi is 8 years old. Since birth she has major neuro sickness due to which she is disabled. Her father committed sucide before she was born. Her mother abandoned her when she was just a month old. The Grandmother has been singlehandedly looking after her since then. She is a widow. According to the doctors, …

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Piyush had OPD on 24th. He has Cancer. The Doctor prescribed 5 different tests which his parents got done. Then they somehow managed to book their train tickets to go back home. But now they don’t have even Rs.100 left with them and they need help with travel money.

Need Woolens

8 children in need of woolens aged 1 kid 10 years old, 1kid 7 years old, 1 kid 6 years old, 3 kids 5 years old, & 2 kids 3 years old.

Sukhdev Ahirwar

Sukhdev Ahirwar ji is 62 years old. He has kidney related issues due to diabetes and also has 2 stones in different parts of his body. He needs a pair of Spectacles.

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