Manju Devi

She is 27 years old and kidneys failure. She is in need wheelchair & monthly medicines @₹4000.  


He is 15 years old and is heart disease since birth, Paralysis since november 2021 due to neurological disorder.  He is in need of a wheelchair.      


Putal Kumari

She is 13 years old and is fell from the stairs and subsequently developed an infection. She is in need of wheelchair, MRI scan & clothes.    


Sushil Kumar

He is 10 years old and is diagnosed with neurological disorder since last 2 years. He is in need of a Wheelchair.    

Muskaan Ansari

Muskaan Ansari

Muskaan Ansari is 19 years old. She has Cancer in lower back area and is admitted in A.I.I.M.S. presently. She needs an electric kettle, Rs.1100 for a foot drop splint and Protien powder. Also, her mom asking for clothes as they are very poor and don’t have much clothes for her. If anybody wants to …

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Nitish Kumar

Nitish kumar is 20 years old. He has mouth and throat cancer since the last 5 years. He was operated in 2017 and has had 8 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 cycles of radiation therapy since then. Inspite of all these hardships he has continued with his studies. Attached is his 12th class board examination …

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