Bindu, who is approaching 40, was diagnosed 12 years ago with osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones weak and prone to fractures from even minor stresses. Currently, 8 bones in her body are broken. Her daughter, Sneha, who was caring for her, suddenly collapsed on the 20th of March, with bleeding from her nose and …

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Madhu Vishwakarma

Madhu Vishwakarma, 31 years old, has been fighting bone cancer for four years and needs injections on May 13th and June 10th. Each injection is priced at Rs.11,000. These injections are necessary for four months, from March to June. Madhu’s family purchased injections for two months but cannot afford more. Attached is the OPD card. …

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Aayush, aged 5, was born with only a single infected kidney. He requires a rechargeable BP machine priced at Rs. 1900. Please help.

Luvkush & Ankush

Luvkush & Ankush, the twins, both have neurological disorders, rendering them unable to walk and fully in control of their senses. They both require medicines for Rs.1000 each, some juice, and a couple of toys, totalling approximately Rs. 3000 in cost. Please help.

Divisha Kohli

Divisha Kohli, aged 3.5 years, has blood cancer and was born with a congenital heart defect—a hole in her heart. She requires a steel-insulated bottle and diapers. Please help…


Savita, aged 40, is experiencing water retention in her heart, leading to urinary retention. She has been admitted to the hospital three times for fluid removal and is awaiting surgery. She requires medication costing Rs.1200. Please help.



Rakhi, aged 4 months, is unable to keep her neck upright. She is being treated at AIIMS. She requires an electric kettle and a jumbo pack diapers.

Baby Prince

Baby Prince

Baby Prince, at the age of 4 months, is dealing with epilepsy. Since birth, he has undergone numerous medical examinations, including MRI scans and blood tests. He recently had a three-day emergency admission at AIIMS. His ongoing treatment requires visits to AIIMS at least twice a week. Additionally, a specialized lab outside AIIMS will conduct …

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Umar Faarooq

Umar Faarooq

Umar Faarooq, a 4-year-old, is battling blood cancer and needs a 6-month extended stay near AIIMS. His parents require assistance with ration (Rs. 1200) and an insulated bottle (Rs. 800), totaling Rs.2000.


Vivan, a 1.5-year-old, has been diagnosed with JMML leukemia, a rare blood cancer affecting young children. He was admitted to AIIMS on the 9th and currently requires a jumbo pack of diapers and an insulated bottle.

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