Month: July 2023

Providing Slippers to Flood-Affected Children in Delhi

In the flood-affected areas of Delhi, the challenges faced by barefoot children go beyond the dangers of debris and contaminated waters during the monsoon season. The scarcity of water and poor sanitation conditions exacerbate their hardships, leaving them unable to take regular baths. Consequently, the condition of their feet becomes distressingly dirty and unhygienic. In …

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Milk Sewa for August

Milk is a vital necessity, especially for patients with long-term illnesses who are unable to afford it. For disadvantaged patients away from home, milk becomes even more crucial, as it provides a nutritious liquid diet, facilitates medication intake, and fulfills their protein supplement requirements. Over the last 23 months, we have been able to assist …

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Jay Ram Sah

Jay Ram Sah, aged 35, underwent spine surgery in 2008 and had a recent surgery on July 17, 2023. He requires an electric kettle and medication for Rs.2000.


Gautam 14-years old has been living with a lower limb bone disability since birth. On June 20, 2022, he underwent surgery related to his condition. Due to his mobility limitations, he requires the use of a wheelchair.


Kaaju is a 3-year-old who was born with a liver disorder and recently underwent a bone marrow transplant on the 22nd. Currently, Kaaju requires an electric kettle and has expressed a desire to have a car.

Suman Mahto

Suman Mahto underwent brain surgery in first week of May. We provided the entire assistance with the surgical expenses as well as the post-surgery care. Now, as he is being discharged, he needs medicines for the next three months, which amounts to Rs.10,000. Suman will return for a follow-up appointment after three months.


AbuBakar has been with us since infancy when he suffered extensive burns. Unfortunately, his current condition is not favorable, and he requires medication along with a special tape for his burns, amounting to a total cost of Rs. 2500.


Johit is 13-years old. He has brain tumor. We have provided him with a wheelchair. he is going home day after tomorrow. He needs medications that cost Rs. 3000. His parents are too poor to buy for him. Additionally, he needs a Commode Chair.


Zaid, who is 15 months old, has blood cancer. After a two-month stay at A.I.I.M.S., he was discharged in June and got admitted again the same evening. Now he is finally discharged. Currently, he needs jumbo pack diapers.

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