End of Life Conversation

Death. A word, a sentence, a story; all culminated into one small word.

We at Love Heals cancer through our End of Life Conversation Series aim to return to the old ways which we have left somewhere in the pages of our glorious history. Instead of focusing on avoiding death as a taboo we want to bring it out in the open through activities including group meditation and healing sessions. 

Dying happens. To all of us. Yes, it can be sad and messy and powerful and hard and normal and absurd and everything in between.

Because dying is part of life. So many of us think of life and death as two separate things. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the two are connected.

You are cordially invited to join our End of Life Conversations and talk with other like-minded people without fear of remorse or judgement. It will be a guided process where we will try to bring our fear for the end of life out into the open and understand the process in a more intimate way.

At LHC, we want to change the way we die in our culture. We do this by supporting people at the end-of-life with mindful and compassionate care. Through conversation, we bring death out into the open. We believe it starts with being open to the idea of discussing death. Daring to look at it, and bringing your own light to it.

Topics explored include:

  • Loss Exercise 
  • Guided Death Contemplation
  • Advance Directives
  • Group Meditation

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