Mind-body and Consciousness – Changing Approaches

Breathing Exercises

The way we breathe can affect the way we live. Breathing is often taken for granted for it is such an involuntary process. There is no thinking involved in breathing. But a conscious effort to be aware of breathing has showed some brilliant results. Especially in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Breathing and cancer In India, …

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Thoughts affect the way we feel. This rings true when we are dealing with difficult life situations. Usually people get stuck in a downward spiral of emotions that can lead to depressive thoughts and hamper their recovery. Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) comes to rescue in such scenarios. It helps one to break the toxic cycle …

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The human mind is a powerful tool provided to us by nature. It can guide, protect

Music Therapy

You can trust music to instantly change the mood. This quality of music plays a crucial role in lives of people dealing with cancer. Yes, music has been recognised as a therapy that can help one deal with cancer. The way music is structured, its non-verbal qualities intact, it manages to touch deep at the …

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Quality Living

Many times people find themselves shocked at the onset of a disease like cancer

Mind-Body Approaches

For centuries people have believed in the interdependency of mind and body called the mind-body connection. This is a complex relationship where our feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and attitude can affect our biological functioning (positively or negatively). On the other hand, our physical activities like the food we eat, exercise, posture, etc. creates a positive …

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