Diet – Metabolic and Nutritional Therapies Overview

Mediterranean diet

As the name suggests, a Mediterranean diet is the traditional diet of people living in the Mediterranean

Macrobiotic diet

Alternative therapies for cancer are focussed on putting the body at ease by easing out stress and toxins. The aim of a macrobiotic diet is also the same – to detoxify the body. Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa developed this diet in 1920s. But it gained popularity only in the 1970s when Michio Kushi1 began promoting …

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Livingston-Wheeler nutritional program

Over decades, many different perspectives of understanding and treating cancer have surfaced. While some of them have been backed by clinical trials, there are a few which are yet to be confirmed by independent researchers. In the 1970s, Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, started the Livingston-Wheeler therapy based on the belief that cancer was caused by a …

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Keto diet

A Ketogenic diet, also known as a Keto Diet (KD) or a Low-Carb Diet, has been the topic of research for many years. It recommends a balanced combination of high fat, adequate protein and less/no carbohydrates to change the way energy is consumed in our body. A Keto Diet forces your body to use fat, …

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Kelley/Gonzalez Regimen

Diet can play an important role in the prevention and cure of diseases. There are hundreds of regimens available which are commonly used as alternative cancer diets like a macrobiotic diet, Gerson diet and regimen, Gonzalez diet and regimen, raw food diet, alkaline diet, etc.  The Gonzalez Regimen is especially beneficial for patients suffering from …

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Intermittent Fasting

Fasting or not eating food for a certain period of time has been prevalent in religious practices around the world. While usually people link fasting to weight loss, there is a certain style of fasting called intermittent fasting or fasting-mimicking diet which can reduce the risk of serious health conditions like cancer. Further, it can …

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Gerson therapy

When the body’s inherent system to regulate cell growth goes off track, a cancer is born. Ideally, human body has an inbuilt mechanism to monitor the cell growth. And, Gerson therapy stands tall on the belief that once free of toxins, it gets easier for the body to recognise and kill the cancer cells. Gerson …

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The world is increasingly becoming toxic and is having adverse effects on our health and well-being. Exposure to toxic chemicals are known to contribute to the onset of diseases and also effect treatment outcomes. At any given time, we have a certain accumulation of man-made chemicals inside our bodies – called body burden. These chemicals …

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