Month: May 2022


Priyanka is 30 and has two kids 2 and 3 years old. The family is not in a position to go home due to her illness. Her husband works as a daily wager near A.I.I.M.S to provide her medicines. She was operated for Brain Tumor in November 2021 but her team of doctors were unable …

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Bhavya is 3 years old and has eyes cancer. He needs an electric kettle, diapers and protien powder for ₹2000.


Ansh is 2 years old and has Cancer. He is undergoing Chemotherapy cycle. He needs diapers and Milk powder for ₹2000.



Khushi is 11 months old. She has eyes Cancer. Her Chemotherapy cycle is going on. She needs an electric kettle.


Manju Devi

She is 27 years old and kidneys failure. She is in need wheelchair & monthly medicines @₹4000.  


He is 15 years old and is heart disease since birth, Paralysis since november 2021 due to neurological disorder.  He is in need of a wheelchair.      


Putal Kumari

She is 13 years old and is fell from the stairs and subsequently developed an infection. She is in need of wheelchair, MRI scan & clothes.    


Sushil Kumar

He is 10 years old and is diagnosed with neurological disorder since last 2 years. He is in need of a Wheelchair.    

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