Month: November 2023

Aarya Singh

Aarya Singh, aged 2, was born with eye cancer and has already lost one eye to the disease. The much needed prosthetic eye for Aarya is for Rs.4500.


Saurabh, an 11-year-old battling blood cancer for the past three years, is currently undergoing chemotherapy. The doctors recommend using an insulated bottle for him, as they advise all cancer patients to avoid drinking from plastic bottles.


Sahiba, aged 20, is scheduled to get married on November 23rd. Unfortunately, her father, Saleem Khan ji, has been grappling with severe health issues, leaving him unable to work since 2020 due to non-functional kidneys. He undergoes dialysis twice a week. This challenging situation has placed a significant financial strain on the family, as they …

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On September 9th, Johit’s father informed us that, following an OPD visit that day, the doctor advised them to return home as Johit’s time was limited. On the 12th, we said our goodbyes, providing them with essential items like medicines, protein powders, a car, footwear, and more. Sadly, Johit passed away this morning, enduring significant …

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Adarsh, aged 8, is grappling with a genetic brain infection. His doctor has reached the limits of available treatments. Adarsh, who may not have much time left to live. He needs medications to control seizures for Rs 1600 for a month. His 11-year-old brother Aayush, facing the same illness, requires a bone marrow transplant. Both …

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Nand Kishore

Nand Kishore, aged 50, is dealing with infections in both lungs and kidneys, along with cataracts. He is in a vulnerable situation and requires medications costing Rs 2500.

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