Preeti has turned 13 today. She was diagnosed with Blood Cancer 7 months back. She needs an electric kettle and Ration.

Krishna Bharti

Krishna Bharti is 16 months old. She was diagnosed with eyes cancer in March 2021. She has lost one eyes. She needs a prosthetic eye for ₹4000 and an electric kettle for ₹630.

Jyoti Sharma

Jyoti Sharma ji is a Cancer patient at A.I.I.M.S. Her daughter too keeps very unwell.   She repeatedly came to our center and kept asking for a sewing machine. Finally, I asked Mrs.Simran of Pins and Needles India as to where to  buy the machine from. She not only provided a vendor’s contact but also offered …

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Sachin is 14 years old. He lost his leg to Cancer. But got cured. Cancer has now relapsed and he lost the remaining leg too. Doctors want a fresh PET Scan ASAP to assess his further treatment but A.I.I.M.S is giving date after 2 months from now. His PET Scan is for ₹8000 approximately.

Suman Jaiswal

Suman Jaiswal is 23 years old. 3 years ago she drank phenyle to commit sucide but she survived. Since then she can’t talk or eat anything. Through a pipe she can only take liquids. She needs 2 packs Ensure @₹2400, 2 Feeding Bags @₹400 and an electric kettle.

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