Month: December 2023


If anyone has Size S or Size M salwar suits, a couple of sweaters, a shawl, and footwear in size 6 to spare, kindly consider sending them our way. Ruhi, a 13-year-old undergoing gynecological treatment for the past two years and awaiting surgery, is in urgent need of clothing. It appears she comes from a …

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Age: 9 years. Disabled, awaiting final diagnosis. Previously we assisted him with a wheelchair. Currently requires an insulated bottle.


Age: 1.4 years Recently underwent cancer surgery on the backside, awaiting the date for the next surgery. Requires diapers and an insulated bottle. Total cost: Rs.1800.


Age: 11 years Situation: Appendix surgery complications, ICU for 10 days, shifted to ward 20 days ago. Needs: Electric kettle and daily supply of milk Total cost : Rs.Rs.1000.


Age: 6 years Health Condition: Blood Cancer Treatment Progress: 5 chemo sessions complete. Treatment Duration: Requires to stay around AIIMS Delhi for another 6 months Needs: Ration, basic utensils Total cost : Rs.2000.

Shiv Ram

Age: 5 years. Diagnosis: Anus cancer since birth, operated at 4 days old, continuous urination till date. Needs: Diaper XXL Total cost : Rs.1000.

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