Healing Practices

Exploring what matters now

All through our lives, we make plans for our future and work hard to fulfill them. Getting the dream job or the coveted promotion, finding the right partner and building a life together, buying a house, bringing up kids, the list is virtually endless. We tackle all obstacles in our way to the best of …

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Creating a healing environment

The environment that you live in has a great impact on your health. Clean air, pure water, bright light in the day, darkness in the night, and plenty of greenery around are some factors which contribute to a healing environment. Unfortunately, the world that we live in is full of chemicals and toxins which can …

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Sleeping well

We spend one-third of our lives (around 8 hours every day) either sleeping or trying to put ourselves to sleep. Ever wondered why do we need all that sleep? The simple answer is – sleep helps protect your physical and mental health along with the quality of life. Inadequate amount of sleep at night can …

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Managing stress

The lives that we live are full of challenging and demanding situations which can disrupt the internal balance of our bodies and lead to the activation of a stress response. This is a normal response of the body and up to a certain limit, is good for us too. However, when the body has to …

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Moving more

Physical activity has a lot of health benefits. Whether it is run, walk, participation in outdoor sports, a workout at a gym, swimming, cycling, or any activity that allows you to move more keeps your mind, body, and spirit in great condition. Finding an activity that you enjoy helps keep you motivated while you exercise. …

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Eating well

If there is a secret to a long and healthy life it has to be providing yourself nourishment which is both tasty and healthy. Most of us don’t think much about the food that we eat unless we fall sick. However, as the famous Hippocrates quote states: ‘Let food be your medicine and medicine your …

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