Where to Begin?

How to start?

Questions for your health practitioners

Introduction At some point, you’ll want to ask your physician or other care providers questions to help you make decisions about your treatment and care. ...
How to start?

Finding Trustworthy Information

Search the Internet for “cancer therapy” and you will find tens of millions of web pages.

Difficult Emotions

Cancer brings with it many difficult emotions. Anxiety, fear, anger, depression and resignation are common. But so, surprisingly, is a sense you may experience of ...
How to start?

Decision Making Under Pressure

The TDODAR Decision-Making Model When cancer patients talk about the first moments of learning they have cancer, they often report a feeling of freefall. So, ...
How to start?

We Care for the Caregivers

There is no denying the fact that patients diagnosed with Cancer go through a lot of physical and emotional stress. However, they are not the ...
How to start?

Live Healthy

According to Gautam Buddha, Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.  Many times people find themselves shocked at the ...
How to start?

Learn More About Cancer

You can also personally write to Love Heals Cancer, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Write to us at ...
How to start?

Begin Your Healing Today

If you have just been diagnosed with Cancer, we are here for you. You must be confused inside your core with no idea what to ...
How to start?

Types of Cancer Care

Cancer is huge. It’s not a single disease with a specified line of treatment. The treatment for a particular patient varies with type of cancer, ...

Cancer Treatment Options

Being diagnosed with Cancer is a traumatic experience. Apart from the physical pain and suffering, the mind goes numb and decision-making becomes impossible. However, it ...
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