Month: March 2022

Nitish Kumar

Nitish kumar is 20 years old. He has mouth and throat cancer since the last 5 years. He was operated in 2017 and has had 8 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 cycles of radiation therapy since then. Inspite of all these hardships he has continued with his studies. Attached is his 12th class board examination …

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Kusum Gupta

Kusum Gupta is 74 years old and has nobody to look after her. She is struggling with kidneys and bones related issues. She needs diapers. She also medicines which will cost 3000 rupees.

Kapuri Rai

Kapuri Rai is 72 years old. She is being looked after her old husband Parshuram ji as their children have deserted them. She is being treated in the ortho department for backache, legs and feet related problems. She needs medicine for 2 months after which they have to come back for follow up. Her medicine …

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Usha Borah

Usha Borah is 50 years old. She is a neuro + ENT case and had a throat operation on 28th Jan, 2022 for which we arranged 2 units blood. Doctor have prescribed her medicine costing ₹3000 per month. She will have to come back for follow up in July. She comes from a very poor …

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