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We complete your cancer treatment by counseling you on personalized nutrition, fitness and psychology programs based on your phase of treatment. We work along with doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals and counsel on evidence-based Integrative Oncology programs to provide a complete healthcare guidance to you. Our therapies have been curated along with a group of world-renowned scientists who have been doing research on cancer over the last 50 years.

While counseling you, we focus on the framework of 5 Wellness Practices, as below:


Our programs strengthen your body and mind through personalized therapies to maximize the benefits of your cancer treatment:

  • Curated diet plan to ensure that your body is ready to take treatment
  • We assess your current fitness level, and train your body to become resilient
  • Psychological counseling to prepare body and mind to receive treatment without any fear or concerns
  • Stress management through a variety of customized mind-body techniques
  • Cancer-proofing your home and surroundings to mitigate cancer
  • Holistic approach to reducing toxicity and side-effects, and improve clinical outcomes and survival rates
  • Connecting you with the other patients, caregivers, survivors, doctors, and healthcare professionals

Our counseling improves the quality of life and extends life for cancer patients.

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We help cancer patients in their healing journey by counseling them on
science-based integrative oncology therapies, holistic healing, and
connecting them with like-minded community for support.
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