Patient Counseling

We explore integrative approaches and therapies to guide decisions in cancer care.
We help you in making wise choices about therapies. Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies (BCCT) summarizes the uses, safety, and research evidence for close to 100 therapies. BCCT offers evidence-informed resources to help you make your choices.

The six major categories are:

Some websites devoted to complementary and alternative (CAM) cancer therapies—especially governmental, medical and academic websites—are very cautious about these therapies. Other websites created by proponents of these therapies are typically enthusiastic. We come right down the middle. We believe you need the most balanced approach possible—neither too cautious nor too enthusiastic.

We’re not selling anything. We don’t recommend or endorse therapies or practitioners. We’re not promoting anything except informed choice—something we believe every person with cancer should have.

We hope to help you make informed decisions, either on your own or, preferably, with your trusted healthcare team.

If you are a patient or caregiver and need counseling, we provide one on one counseling. We provide information and counseling to explore integrative approaches. We request you to fill the following form to understand your diagnosis.

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