About Us


Improving the quality of life and extending life for cancer patients and their caregivers through integrative approach.


Healing through Head, Hands, and Heart.


Our primary goal is to help Cancer patients and their significant others find unbiased information about healing options in conventional and complementary therapies. We explore the psychological and spiritual dimensions of Cancer and walk with people to help them discover a better life. We bring together communities of people with similar experiences to share and support each other.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Love Helas Cancer is to help you—a motivated person with cancer—explore the best integrative approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment that go beyond conventional cancer care. We focus on what is scientifically known, or at least scientifically informed. Physicians often restrict their recommendations to what is scientifically known. You may feel you cannot wait for certainty. If standard therapies offer no cure, or no strong prospect of extended survival, you face the double challenge of deciding among investigational therapies in mainstream medicine and therapies in integrative, complementary or alternative cancer care.


We’re not selling anything. We don’t recommend or endorse therapies or practitioners. We’re not promoting anything except informed choice—something we believe every person with cancer should have. We review a wide range of integrative and complementary therapies. We report on what’s known about benefits, risks, side effects and anything else that we believe will help you make choices that fit your lifestyle, disease, philosophy, finances, and especially your sense of what is right for you. Some websites devoted to complementary and alternative (CAM) cancer therapies—especially governmental, medical and academic websites—are very cautious about these therapies. Other websites created by proponents of these therapies are typically enthusiastic. We come right down the middle. We believe you need the most balanced approach possible—neither too cautious nor too enthusiastic. We hope to help you make informed decisions, either on your own or, preferably, with your trusted healthcare team.

Love Heals Cancer Journey

Love Heals Cancer started with a vision when our founder Dimple Parmar lost her husband Nitesh Prajapat to colorectal cancer in 2018. After his demise, Dimple realized the purpose of her life and she would dedicate her life to help people in their journey against Cancer. Today, Love Heals Cancer works in all three aspects of healthcare encompassing preventive, curative, and palliative care. And within these fields, Love Heals Cancer incubates and supports different programs including programs in integrative cancer care, health professional education, and cancer retreat. We couldn’t do any of this without the support of our foundation and individual donors. Thank you! Read More to know our story

LHC was founded with a clear objective of increasing awareness about Cancer and its prevention along with helping patients get through the journey with someone always by their side. LHC also understands the pain and suffering that the family members and caregivers go through and extends support to them as well.



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