Shiv Shankar

Shiv Shankar is 12 years old.He underwent surgery for brain tumor. But now has Cancer in his brain and face. As a result, his mouth is blocked. He needs a suction machine cost of which is ₹5000 as told by his father. Picture of the machine attatched.


Azrat has been with us since the past one year when he was first diagnosed with Eyes Cancer. He has lost one eye forever and it is an ever going struggle to save his other eye. Tomorrow is his 2nd Birthday and his mother is very keen to celebrate this birthday for obvious reasons. So …

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Opinder ji

Opinder ji permanently lives on the footpath with his wife and 5 years old daughter. Due to blockages in his veins, he is disabled with his legs. His mother was a cancer patient and died 5 years back. Opinder ji since has been using her wheelchair which is now not usable at all.


Yuvraj is 1 year old. He has Cancer. He too needs diapers, 2 cerelac and an electric kettle.


Prince is just 5 months old and has a defect in his heart. He is admitted in Aiims and will undergo a major heart surgery on 28th only. He needs diapers, 2 cerelac and an electric kettle.


Dilip ji is 45 years old. He suffers from Soriasis and we helped him with a wheelchair 5 years back. That wheelchair is not usable now. Hence, he needs a wheelchair and walker.


2 units of Blood needed at Safdarjung Hospital for 2nd surgery of the following patient:- -Patient Name: Harinder -Contact No: 9161526674 -Illness: Throat Cancer -Attendent Name: Mala Devi


Sanya is 15 years old. 3 years back she was diagnosed with Cancer in her heart. Since then she is on medication and her cancer was resolved. 2 weeks back they came back to Safdarjung hospital as she was not well again. Since then, she has gone through various tests. She was to be admitted …

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Bilkesh ji is 38 years old. She has breast cancer. She has to drink warm water and milk. Hence, needs an electric kettle.

Ankush Kumar

Ankush Kumar will be 6 months old on this 25th. He has water in his brain . He had OPD yesterday and the doctor has scheduled him for surgery ASAP or else his life is in danger. For the surgery, Rs.5000 is to be deposited in A.I.I.M.S. latest by Friday, 17th June. The parents also …

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