Shriya, who is currently three years old, has been under our care since she was one year old. Unfortunately, due to a neurological disorder, she lacks any sensory awareness. She requires diapers, an insulated bottle, and any used secondhand pram would suffice, as it’s challenging for her parents to carry her around.


Zoya, a two-year-old with eye cancer, urgently needs help. She has already lost one eye to the disease and has received assistance in the past, including an MRI Scan costing Rs. 9500, medicines amounting to Rs. 1000, and an electric kettle. Currently, she requires Rs. 1300 for medical equipment to be deposited at A.I.I.M.S., as …

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Milk Sewa for September

Milk is an essential necessity, particularly for patients enduring long-term illnesses and facing financial constraints. The significance of milk becomes even more pronounced for disadvantaged patients who are far from home. It serves as a vital source of nutrition, aids in medication consumption, and meets their protein requirements. Over the past two years, we have …

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G20 Summit

With the upcoming G20 Summit, the footpath clearance had me debating whether to celebrate. However, after some kids and several women inquired about our Rakhi celebration today, we’ve chosen to move forward. Time is quite short for preparation, but we’re determined. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Observing Rakhi Festival

Commemorating Rakhi alongside children unable to return home due to ongoing treatments or caring for unwell family members is a poignant reminder of the strength of love and unity. Their resilience and shared moments underscore the importance of family ties and support during trying circumstances. Please help us in celebrating this festival of affection and …

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Irshad, a 4-year-old battling blood cancer, was discharged from AIIMS just yesterday. He currently requires diapers and an electric kettle.


Rovin joined Givers family at three months of age, diagnosed with brain tumor. He has now reached three years of age. His two siblings, who are currently in grades 2 and 3, require uniforms, school bags, notebooks, and shoes, which will amount to a cost of around Rs. 5000 to Rs. 6000.

Purushottam Kumar

Purushottam Kumar, aged 26, was involved in a hit and run accident 8 months ago. His recovery has been incomplete since then. A knee surgery costing Rs. 17,000 is planned for the day after. Despite financial difficulties, his family managed to gather the required funds. However, today they were provided with a list of surgical …

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Zaid, who is under 2 years old, has been diagnosed with blood cancer. He has been at A.I.I.M.S. since April and we have been consistently providing him with assistance. Today, there is a medicine that needs to be administered, and its cost is Rs. 1200.


Pari with Eyes Cancer has gone blind. She is back for a follow up. Will be going back home tomorrow. She needs medicines for Rs.1500 approximately.

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