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April 29, 2019
Yourstory featured our inspiration Nitesh Prajapat and our founder Dimple Parmar, for their extreme valour, strength and determination with which they fought cancer, one as a patient and the other as a caregiver. Although, Nitesh is not with us anymore, but the eternal love and support which he got from Dimple and many people was indeed commendable. With this, Dimple vowed to dedicate her life to fulfill her husbands’ dream and founded “Love Heals Cancer”
December 31, 2018
Mid-Day featured heart-warming story of Nitesh and Dimple showcasing their unbreakable bond and the love, affection, and support they got from unknowns, during their journey. Although Nitesh is no more in this world in bodily form, his vision of helping other helpless cancer patients is what has taken spirits through Love Heals Cancer which works with a vision to help all cancer patients out there. (If 2018 has left you a tad cynical in the love department, let the story of Nitesh and Dimple Parmar ease some of those heart muscles. The two met as students at IIM Calcutta.
November 10, 2018
Session on Integrated Medicine and Holistic Healing at Public Health school in Gujarat: Founder, Dimple Parmar got the wonderful opportunity to share the knowledge and experiences of “Integrative Medicine in Indian Hospitals” and “Holistic Healing with Love and Compassion” as a part of “Social and Behavioral Sciences in Health”. It was her honor to present this to the Medical students and Doctors from various parts of India. 
November 10, 2018
“Cancer doesn’t need to be a death sentence anymore. In fact, it can lead us each on our own quest for better health. If we can reclaim our health and more time in this life to share with those we love, what more do we need? Recently, I got this opportunity to have a session with Healthcare professionals, patients, survivors and caregivers about Holistic healing with Healthy Lifestyle at Sterling Cancer Hospital. “
November 2, 2018
Founder, Dimple Parmar, was invited as a panelist by Sashakt- An Ovarian Cancer “Sashakt Hope Meet”. She was sharing the dais with other medical experts from the field of oncology, accompanied by Rajiv Khandelwal, the host of the session. She was asked to share her experiences with cancer as a caregiver, and how love, compassion, and optimism can help anyone going through this deadly disease.  Also, later she was invited and felicitated for being on the Advisory Board of Sashakt Foundation.  
October 13, 2018
Founder Dimple Parmar was invited as a panelist at Gujarat Cancer Research Institute on “World Hospice and Palliative Care Day”. The workshop was based on “Colostomy Care” and was attended by oncologists, palliative care physicians, nutritionists, and patients. Dimple shared how Colostomy causes significant changes in the bodily form and also affects patients psychologically. She shared her personal experience as a caregiver and mentioned the difficult phases that every patient and caregiver goes through. Also, she shared the core fundamentals (love, care, and support) based on which she founded “Love Heals Cancer” to help cancer patients in their journey.
October 5, 2018
Awakin Calls are an all-volunteer-run offering of Service Space, a global platform founded on the simple principle that by changing ourselves, we change the world, to create a more compassionate and service-oriented society. Our Founder, Dimple Parmar had discussion with Emily Barr on her journey and profound experience she gained in India as well as the USA while being a caregiver. She also shared that she would always be grateful for the love, support and blessings which Nitesh and she received from everyone around them.  Despite all of this, Nitesh spread his wings and flew away, but that gave
September 20, 2018
Love Heals Cancer experienced the beauty of youth first hand when it organized a healing session in Ahmedabad with a couple of teenagers from all around the world. We had a health workshop with some enthusiastic teenagers from Ahmedabad and England. Everyone in the circle expressed their diverse opinions how one can follow certain healthy practices and make sure that they are inculcated in daily routine.
July 10, 2018
“Face cancer with joy to eliminate all sorrows”. LHC’s visit to the Gandhi Ashram in Delhi was based on this very same motto. LHC team visited Gandhi Ashram to spread awareness about cancer and explain how one can incorporate healthy lifestyle approaches in their daily routine. The session was attended by more than 400 women. The discussion revolved on how diagnosis of cancer can be an earth-shattering setback to family, friends and everyone.
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