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October 16, 2019
Love Heals Cancer conducted a cancer awareness and prevention workshop with Cognizant for 3 continuous days at 3 different locations in Mumbai. In the workshop, we specifically focused on sharing knowledge on how cancer can occur in anyone’s body and how following certain lifestyle practices can reduce the chances of cancer getting afflicted to any individual. The key takeaway from all the workshops was “Prevention is the start and if there is no cure, prevention can rather be the cure”
September 27, 2019
The story of IIMC alumni Dimple Parmar and Nitesh Prajapat is heartwarming and incredibly brave. After losing her husband, Nitesh to cancer, Dimple started Love Heals Cancer which provides an array of cancer-related services to help cancer patients and their caregivers to find extensive healing options. Click here to read more about their journey-
September 19, 2019
Times of India featured our founder, Dimple Parmar and mentioned her overwhelming journey of love, faith, hope and the loss which she went through. The article mentioned her experiences as a caregiver, to her late husband, Nitesh, while he was going through last stage cancer. They also appreciated the courage and determination with which Dimple faced all of it and founded two organizations “Love Heals Cancer” and “” after Nitesh’s demise, to help and support all cancer patients.
September 16, 2019
The Logical Indian featured our founder, Dimple Parmar to make people aware of her work and how she bravely faced all the odds that came on her way. The article mentioned how Dimple married Nitesh (when he was diagnosed with Stage III Colorectal cancer) and stood by him in all circumstances, no matter what. She did everything possible to expedite Nitesh’s recovery, but couldn’t save him and he got his angel wings. This is when Dimple got a new vision to lead her life and she started two organizations one is “Love Heals Cancer” and the other is “”
August 29, 2019
“It was an honor to be invited to an event organized by our community and sharing my journey starting from a small village in Rajasthan to getting recognized at an International platform. Thank you once again for all the love, blessings and support coming on my way. It was a wonderful experience to share about healthy lifestyle practices, youth challenges and finding the purpose of life. What we will do for love will always be greater than what we do for money. May we all lead with love and change the world. “
July 20, 2019
Rajasthan Patrika featured our founder Dimple Parmar and the impact she and her team are creating through Love Heals Cancer. They mentioned how Dimple, hailing from a small town in Rajasthan is creating such an ecosystem to help cancer patients across various states in India. They saluted her efforts to bring this change in the healthcare space and expressed high regard for doing this work.
July 13, 2019
Our Founder was invited at SocioStory to share her amazing story and how she stood fiercely to overcome all the roadblocks which came her way. While going through this phase, she got to know certain voids that can be filled and hence embarked on her journey to start Love Heals Cancer. SocioStory is a social community platform, where anyone can pick up a microphone and speak about their very own tale of innovation, creativity, leadership, education or grit guts and glory.
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