• CAM-Cancer: CAM-Cancer is an open-access, nonprofit web resource providing health professionals with evidence-based information about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for cancer. This resource aims to prepare and disseminate information for health professionals based on the best available evidence in order to assist them in making informed treatment decisions together with their patients. Entries do not include dosing or administration guidelines.
  • Cancer Commons: Cancer Commons is a not-for-profit network of patients, physicians and scientists that help identify the best conventional care options for treating an individual’s cancer. Each case builds on collective knowledge, enabling more accurate personalized options for the next community member. Cancer Commons strives to connect and leverage the world’s cancer knowledge and resources to help patients and their physicians make treatment decisions.
  • Cancer Support Community: This website provides resources for cancer patients, including an online support community; a cancer experience registry; and information about risk factors, symptoms, treatments and side effects of treatment.
  • Cancer.Net: This site has a wide array of information for people with cancer and their families and caregivers, including types of cancer, navigating cancer care, coping with cancer, survivorship and more.
  • Indian Cancer Society: Indian Cancer Society has been doing sterling work in fighting cancer across India. It has been and continues to be the beacon of hope for thousands of underprivileged cancer patients. The extent of help required is phenomenal. Most of the patients come to us from all over the country and can’t afford two meals a day. In such cases undergoing treatment is beyond their capacity.
  • Cancer Foundation of India: Cancer Foundation of India (CFI), based in Kolkata, is a voluntary organization dedicated to cancer prevention and control in India. At CFI a team of highly motivated professionals have been actively engaged in cancer control activities since 2002. Through the activities of the organization we try to bridge the gap that exists in cancer public health, education, training & human resource development, population research and cancer survivor issues in the country.
  • Breast Cancer India: Welcome to Breast Cancer India, your one stop site for all resource related to breast cancer in India. This site is managed by the NGO The Pink Initiative.
  • Cancer Foundation: Cancer Aid and Research Foundation is a registered medical NGO and non-profit Charitable Organization established with a zealous endeavor of striving endlessly towards the welfare of underprivileged cancer patients, without distinction of caste or religion.
  • National Institute of Naturopathy: National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune under Government of India, Ministry of Ayush.
  • Cannabidiol Life: This website shares the information and research that is being conducted on CBD with a goal to change the negative perception that surrounds cannabidiol, a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is found in the stalk, seeds, and flowers of cannabis plants.
  • Fighting Cancer by Martin L. Rossman, MD – Dr. Martin L. Rossman shows cancer patients how to use imagery in specific ways that can help them in their fight against cancer. The Fighting Cancer from Within book and 5 CD set were specifically designed to help cancer patients work from within to support their own healing, and are compatible with any other form of treatment.
  • Healing Circles: The goal of Healing Circles is to provide training, resources, conversation, and community that address four needs of people with cancer: 1) finding meaning and community in life with cancer, 2) strengthening health and healing practices, 3) navigating medical and integrative cancer therapies, and 4) facing suffering, death and dying.
  • My Cancer Circle: This is a free, private support community for caregivers of people facing cancer. It includes an online tool that helps organize the community of people who want to help caregivers.
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network: The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®), a not-for-profit alliance of 27 leading cancer centers devoted to patient care, research, and education. NCCN is dedicated to improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of cancer care so that patients can live better lives. Through the leadership and expertise of clinical professionals at NCCN Member Institutions, NCCN develops resources that present valuable information to the numerous stakeholders in the healthcare delivery system.
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network Patient and Caregiver Resources: The NCCN Guidelines for Patients® and NCCN Quick Guide™ sheets are based on the same treatment information your doctors use and help you talk to your doctor about the best treatment options for your disease. Guidelines are provided for treatments for specific cancers, for supportive care and for screening. Some guides are available in languages other than English.
  • Wholesome Resources by Julie Lusk, MEd – This website contains information about workshops, resource materials and professional training on stress management, wellness promotion, and mind-body techniques and strategies.
  • Will2Love by Dr. Leslie Schover – This website provides resources on finding a sexuality specialist, help with fertility issues, issues related to reproductive health and cancer, sexual health products and general cancer information.
  • Holistic Treatments for Mesothelioma – This is a Mesothelioma Hub for patients affected by Mesothelioma, a type of cancer that affects the mesothelium – the protective lining of the lungs, abdomen, and heart. This website provides information on complementary treatments such as body-based therapies, herbal supplements, and mind and body therapies.
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