Subhash Garg – yoga and meditation expert

Yoga and meditation expert

  • As a youth, Mr. Subhash trained for five years in hatha yoga with Swami Dhirendra Brahmchari, the private yoga teacher to the late Indira Gandhi, and won the first yoga competition he entered.
  • After completing university studies in mechanical engineering and then a masters degree in production engineering at IIT Roorkee (formerly University of Roorkee), he entered the business realm where he worked for 35 years. He rose to top positions as General Manager and Director in major companies in India and abroad.
  • The direction of his life changed however in 1998, he was hit by a car while walking in his neighborhood. With a crippled leg, he found working in the corporate world increasingly dissatisfying, since he was used to a hands-on management approach.
  • Returning to yoga for rehabilitation, he succeeded in healing his injured leg. In the process, he discovered that yoga had much more to offer than an improved leg and so pursued his interest, eventually training as a yoga teacher.
  • His training includes studies at Yoga Vidya Niketan, intensive training at the Academy of Yoga in Mumbai, and yoga teacher training at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai.
  • He is now a full-time yoga teacher and healing counselor at The Yoga Institute and the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai (associated with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation). He also offers private sessions for individuals with health issues.
  • He spends several months a year with family in the Bay Area where he is gaining a reputation for providing the needed guidance at the right time to his students. He also offers therapeutic counsel in yoga rehabilitation as well as in spiritual matters.
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