Late Nitesh Prajapat


After his initial diagnosis, Nitesh soaked in every bit of what was being dealt to him and acted like a Strong and Tall mountain shielding his friends and family from the threats of the disease. His attitude towards the multiple fears of loss that would often creep up, was to show it the exit door with a calm expression on his face that can only be translated as “You can never defeat me.”

Not once in his life did he give in to self-pity. Not once did he question, “Why me?” He would often discuss about how his journey could be used to a greater use by eradicating the sufferings of multiple other people who were still lost in the world of cancer and were fast losing time because of the same disease. Even when the threat of everything being taken away from him was high, he thought first for the greater good and only then about himself. These thoughts and ponderings have now led to a higher purpose and larger goal in life which will be pursued by Dimple and all those who have supported him till this date.

Though the disease might have taken over the well-being of his body, it could never dampen his soul. In fact, it turned him into a better human being, compassionate and caring, even in the face of a looming threat of cession of existence. There never was a question about “If” he would emerge victorious. 

“He had already won.”

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