Dr Darshna Thakker – Onco Gynaecologist

MBBS, MD Gynaecologist Author and Philanthropist

Dr. Darshna Thakker – A Compassionate Healer for Cancer Patients

Why Choose Dr. Thakker for Mindfulness and Healing? 

  • Internationally Licensed “Heal Your Life” Teacher and Workshop Leader: Dr. Thakker brings a unique blend of medical expertise and profound human connection to her cancer care approach. Recognized as a “Super Star Doctor and a Healer,” she resonates deeply with patients and caregivers. 
  • Specialization in Mindfulness and Meditation: Tailored sessions for cancer patients focus on internal healing, pain eradication, and finding serenity amidst adversity. 
  • Holistic Approach to Cancer Care: Integrating mind medicine techniques, Dr. Thakker emphasizes mental and emotional health as vital components of cancer treatment. 

What’s Included in Dr. Thakker’s Sessions? 

  • Personalized Mindfulness and Healing: One-on-one sessions designed for deep emotional and physical healing specific to cancer care needs. 
  • Louis Hay Programs: Specialized programs offering transformative techniques for pain management and inner strength development. 
  • Educational Workshops and Retreats: Dr. Thakker conducts sessions on various health issues, particularly focusing on empowering cancer patients. 

Pricing and Delivery: 

  • Single Session: INR 2,000. 
  • Six-session Program: INR 10,000. 
  • Session Mode: Available virtually or in-person (Ahmedabad). 

Program Benefits: 

Participants will experience: 

  • Enhanced emotional well-being and stress management. 
  • Effective pain management strategies. 
  • Tools for inner peace and resilience. 
  • Improved mindfulness and coping mechanisms. 
  • A supportive environment for healing and empowerment. 
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