Join our Expert Session with Dr Saloni Chawla | Spiritual and Mental Wellness Counselor | Monday to Friday, from 6 to 6:30 pm IST

May 20, 2024 @ 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Join our Expert Session with Dr Saloni Chawla | Spiritual and Mental Wellness Counselor | Monday to Friday, from 6 to 6:30 pm IST

Embark on Your Multifaceted Healing Journey with Dr Saloni Chawla

Begin a transformative journey through Meditation Sessions, designed and led by Mental Health and Spiritual Counselor Dr. Saloni Chawla. These sessions, tailored for cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors, serve as a sanctuary for holistic healing—fusing the power of meditation, positive willpower, and specialized techniques like Reiki.

What Awaits You: A Symphony of Healing Techniques

Step into a realm of tranquillity, guided by Dr Saloni Chawla. In addition to deep meditation and empowering affirmations, you’ll experience the healing power of attraction, Reiki, and guided meditation—each contributing to better clinical outcomes and a renewed sense of self.

Meet Your Compassionate Guide – Dr. Saloni Chawla

With a compassionate approach and a rich reservoir of specialized techniques, Dr. Saloni Chawla stands as a guiding light in your healing journey. Her personal and professional experiences make her uniquely qualified to lead these transformative sessions.

Session Details Tailored for You

Conveniently scheduled from Monday to Friday, 6 PM to 6:30 PM IST, these sessions are a beacon for those seeking peace and healing, regardless of their location.

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For a nominal fee of Rs. 999 per month, gain access to these enriching sessions and invest in a healthier, happier you.

Connect, Heal, and Grow Through the Power of Community

Join a nurturing community of warriors and supporters. The power of collective energy and shared experiences build bonds that foster resilience, amplifying the healing impact of our sessions.

Unlock the Power of Positive Willpower for Better Clinical Outcomes

With a focus on harnessing your innate willpower, Dr. Saloni guides you toward unlocking better clinical outcomes. Experience how a fortified mind contributes to holistic healing.

Take the First Step Towards Multifaceted Healing

Your pathway to peace, improved clinical outcomes, and a brighter tomorrow is just a click away. Register now to embark on a multifaceted healing journey.

Together, We Illuminate the Path to a Brighter, More Peaceful Tomorrow

With every session, unveil new layers of serenity, resilience, and healing within you. Together, let’s illuminate the path to a brighter, more peaceful tomorrow.



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