Do you know how to make wise choices about therapies? CancerChoices  summarizes the uses, safety, and research evidence for close to 100 therapies.

CancerChoices offers evidence-informed resources to help you make your choices. We don’t recommend therapies. We don’t try to sell you anything. We strongly recommend consulting your healthcare team.
Knowledge is power, and empowering you is our goal.

What Do We Do?

CancerChoices explores the best complementary and integrative approaches to cancer and presents that information on an easy-to-navigate website and blog:

  • Natural products and herbs
  • Mind-body practices
  • Diet
  • Exercise and movement
  • Prayer and spiritual healing
  • Energy practices

CancerChoices also investigates other approaches including off-label/repurposed drugs approved for other conditions; therapies from mainstream sources that are neglected, forgotten or not in fashion; promising therapies not in conventional use in the United States and Canada; and innovative diagnostic methods. CancerChoices explores the science and the soul of integrative cancer care.

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