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There are numerous healing techniques practiced in cultures around the world. In ancient Japan, Reiki was a healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation which leads to healing. This technique believes that there is an unseen life force energy that flows through all living organisms. Also, people who have a low life force energy are more prone to falling sick or contracting diseases. In this technique, a Reiki practitioner unblocks the flow of energy in the patient’s body.

The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words:

  1. Rei – meaning God’s Wisdom or Higher Power
  2. Ki – meaning life force energy.

Reiki and Cancer Treatment

Since Reiki practitioners believe that most ailments are caused due to a restricted flow of energy (Ki) in the body, in the treatment of cancer, Reiki is primarily used in two ways:

  • Supportive therapy and
  • Palliative therapy

Over the years, there have been multiple studies done on Reiki’s effectiveness in battling cancer. Here are some reports:

  1. Year 2003 – Reiki provided short-term pain relief and improved quality of life.
  2. Year 2004 – Reiki Improved depression and stress.
  3. Year 2007 – Reduced feelings of fatigue and improved quality of life during cancer chemotherapy.
  4. Year 2011 – Patients treated with radiation therapy for prostate cancer found a positive trend for improvement in anxiety after Reiki treatment.
  5. Year 2011 – Reiki therapy was significantly raised the comfort and well-being of patients post-therapy. Also, the sham Reiki placebo was statistically significant.
  6. Year 2016 – Breast-cancer survivors undergoing chemotherapy found that both Reiki and companion groups reported improvements in quality of life and mood greater than those seen in the usual care group.
  7. Year 2016 – A control group receiving typical care demonstrated greater levels of pain, stress and fatigue compared to those receiving distant Reiki sessions.

Remember, there is still no evidence that Reiki alone can cure cancer. However, it is suggested as a supportive therapy especially for patient who have undergone surgery. Further, it is also a good palliative therapy.

Key Points

  • Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation.
  • Practitioners consider restricted flow of Ki (energy) in the body to be the precursor to disease.
  • In cancer care, Reiki tends to be used as a palliative or supportive therapy.
  • Noting the methodological limitations highlighted in reviews, we list available research documenting effects of Reiki in people with cancer.
  • Reiki is not believed to have the potential to cause serious direct harm

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