Mind-Body Approaches

For centuries people have believed in the interdependency of mind and body called the mind-body connection. This is a complex relationship where our feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and attitude can affect our biological functioning (positively or negatively). On the other hand, our physical activities like the food we eat, exercise, posture, etc. creates a positive or negative impact on our minds. 

When it comes to physical ailments, one cannot deny the healing potential of the human mind. By believing that you will get better, you win half the battle. The remaining half can then be managed by appropriate medicines and therapies.

When a patient is diagnosed with Cancer, there is a lot of pain and discomfort in the body. This can affect the mind leading to negative thoughts like stress, anxiety, fear, and even depression. If the body is in pain and the main is clouded with negativity, the chances of successfully fighting the disease can reduce drastically. Therefore, it is important to nurture the mind-body connection to harbor optimistic thoughts and a positive outlook towards life. 

There are many ways to nurturing this connection. Visit the links given below for various mind-body approaches to enhance the mind’s interaction with the functions of the body:

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