Kelley/Gonzalez Regimen

Diet can play an important role in the prevention and cure of diseases. There are hundreds of regimens available which are commonly used as alternative cancer diets like a macrobiotic diet, Gerson diet and regimen, Gonzalez diet and regimen, raw food diet, alkaline diet, etc. 

The Gonzalez Regimen is especially beneficial for patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. It benefits patients with other types of cancer too. The treatment protocol is created individually for each patient. 

The theory behind the Gonzalez Regimen

The Gonzalez Regimen is based on the belief that toxins which are present in the environment and processed foods cause the formation of cancer in the body. These toxins prevent the correct functioning of important body processes which eventually allow the cancer to develop. Therefore, if these toxins are removed from the body, then the cancer will stop growing. This regimen is designed separately for every patient’s metabolic type. 

The Gonzalez Regimen can be broken down into three broad segments:

  1. Diet
  2. Supplements
  3. Detoxification

The Gonzalez Diet

Individualized dietary recommendations are provided to each patient based on his/her metabolism. The common factor across all diets is the consumption of organic foods and fresh vegetable juice, while avoiding synthetic and refined foods like white flour, white sugar, etc.

It primarily relies on plant-based sources and even allows patients to eat eggs, yogurt, and milk occasionally. However, some diets can also require eating red meat 2-3 times a day.

The Gonzalez Supplements

Supplement protocols are also individualized for each patient based on their ailment and biochemical makeup. The supplements include pancreatic enzymes along with a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Overall, cancer patients consume around 130-175 supplement capsules in a day.


While treating his patients, Dr. Gonzalez found most of them were facing symptoms like muscle aches, pains or malaise. He felt that most of these symptoms were due to the body’s repair process which was releasing different kinds of wastes. Hence, he included detoxification procedures like coffee enema to enhance liver function and help the body excrete the metabolic wastes.

While there were many studies conducted which proclaimed the Gonzalez Regimen ineffective, in his book What Went Wrong, Dr. Gonzalez has highlighted the flaws in the design of the study leading to unfavorable results. Dr. Linda L. Isaacs also wrote an article called Research Battles highlighting the problems of mismanaged trials.

Some other Diets and Metabolic Therapies includes:

Gerson therapy
Intermittent fasting
Ketogenic diet
Macrobiotic diet
Mediterranean diet

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