Healing and Curing

Healing and Curing are usually used interchangeably by many people. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two. While curing is primarily about relieving the symptoms of an ailment, healing is a comparatively more wholesome approach and endeavors to cleanse the body of all ailments. In principle, curing is similar to conventional medicine and focuses on making the patient symptom-free. It is an external process where the practitioner tries to affect the outcome of the disease. On the other hand, healing is an inner process and can take place at the physical level, emotional level, mental level, and spiritual level. 

However, it is also important to understand that for any cure to work, the patient needs to have sufficient physical healing power enabling recovery. Therefore, we can say that healing is a necessary part of curing. Also, healing has great implications for medicine since a patient’s recuperative powers play a major role in the cure. However, healing goes much beyond curing. A patient can heal even without undergoing a cure. 


Most patients diagnosed with Cancer get a feeling of losing all control over their lives. They are required to take strong medicines, manage the side-effects, and don’t have much control over what they can eat or do. In a nutshell, they feel that there is not much that they can do to help themselves. However, while the doctors are trying to cure them, very few patients realize the importance of healing and work towards it.

For many Cancer patients who start inner healing, the fact that they can actively participate in their fight against Cancer can make a direct impact on their overall mood, improving the quality of their lives. To be honest, we don’t have any scientific proof about the effects of personal healing in extending life. However, one thing is certain, it can improve the quality of your life. Another important aspect of healing is not having an excessive attachment to the outcome. You need to focus on your inner self and try to rid your body of everything that is causing pain and suffering.

The Healing Process

  • In order to heal yourself, you must believe that you can get better. Belief can play a major role in your fight against Cancer. 
  • Once your belief is in place, you need to start improving your lifestyle. It has to be a conscious and determined effort. You cannot make any excuses.
  • Once you start working on rebuilding your inner healing powers, you must also learn to accept your disease as a natural phenomenon. You must also believe that the cure is also hidden in nature, within yourself. Even if you are a caregiver, the belief and acceptance of the disease can help you along your journey.


As mentioned earlier, healing and curing are entwined. As the body recovers its healing powers, a cure (like medicine) helps it recover from the ailment. Healing and curing must together ensure that the effects of the ailment are not merely eliminated, but reversed as far as possible. This ensures that the patient recovers from the disease and improves the quality of life as well.

Curing as a principle is fairly similar to Conventional medicine for it focuses on eradicating the symptoms of a particular disease and removing all traces of it from the patient’s body. Healing, on the other hand, has a more wholesome approach. It involves focusing on the body as a whole and cleansing it of all diseases and bad energy physically as well as psychologically. Understanding that the mind is just an extension of the body, healing a person means not only taking care of the physical symptoms but also the psychological ones. The latter may range from making the person believe that he can be better all the way to improving the quality of life. Hence healing isn’t applicable to Cancer or any other disease only but also to supposedly healthy people who have a lot of stress and tension built up in their mind.

However, all this doesn’t mean that curing is not essential. Curing is actually a part or to be more precise a subset of the process of healing. As healing focuses on the all-round betterment of an individual, it, of course, covers physical well being which involves eradication of the physical manifestation of a disease. But above and beyond curing a disease it is necessary that the effects of that ailment are reversed -not eliminated, which is entirely different- gradually. This makes sure that when the person is completely healed not only is the disease eradicated, but the quality of life of the patient is also improved. 

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