Gerson therapy

When the body’s inherent system to regulate cell growth goes off track, a cancer is born. Ideally, human body has an inbuilt mechanism to monitor the cell growth. And, Gerson therapy stands tall on the belief that once free of toxins, it gets easier for the body to recognise and kill the cancer cells.

Gerson Therapy and Cancer

According to this principle, cancer thrives when there is an imbalance between sodium and potassium in the body.

There are various ways in which Gerson Therapy strives to restore this balance. Originally developed in 1920 by Max Gerson, a German doctor, the technique employees three core components:

  1. Drinking a glass of fruit/vegetable juice every hour, 13 times a day
  2. Consuming coffee/ castor oil enemas
  3. Supplementing the diet with potassium, Vitamin B12, thyroid supplements and pancreatic enzymes.

These work together to eliminate toxins from the body, increasing antioxidants that help fight cancer cells. Coffee and castor oil enemas are believed to trigger metabolism which quickens detoxification of the body and rejuvenates functioning of the liver. At the same time, a word of caution is issued against these enemas. Unsolicited use can cause dehydration or infections.

Adhering to this therapy involves discipline in following the diet which plays a crucial role in getting the body rid of toxins. To make it easier for cancer patients, there are Gerson therapy centres that take it upon themselves to monitor the diet and provide the patient with supplements. These centres usually provide psychological relief and a calming environment to the patients.

There is also the option of following the therapy at home if you have ample assistance. Gerson therapy kits are available for those who wish to give it a try in the comfort of their home.

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