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Dietary Therapies make sure that we receive the correct nutrients which are required for our body’s well-being, and psychological approach to healing makes sure we are ready to be treated and using the vast potential of our minds accept and believe in the treatment we are going through. The culmination of these two methods make sure that the right amount and type of energy enters our body, and our mind is ready to accept the effects of those nutrients and dietary supplements. However, at the end of the day, the energy generated through these nutritional therapies have to be transported to the body organs that require it the most. This is made sure by Physical and Energy approaches to healing. 

A normal human being has diversified body needs, and according to those needs, the body itself distributes the dietary intake among the various organs we have. But in a disease like Cancer which often develops in and around a particular organ system, the sensitive balance of a human body is disturbed. The fauna of our digestive tract becomes imbalanced and inadequate in absorbing the different constituents of food, which leads to lesser energy and nutrients reaching the vital organs. Combine this with the devastating effects of the disease and the side effects of the treatment, and we have on our hands a frail body with no means of regeneration or recovery. 

To make sure that we get the optimum use of our dietary intake and treatment it is essential that we understand that even though our body is divided into different organ systems which seem unconnected from each other; at the end of the day our body is one moving part. The chemical energy consumed by us in our diet is transformed into biochemical energy and then transported to the different the different organ systems as and how it is required. To make sure that we can recover from the effects of this dreadful disease and the massive doses of chemotherapy and radiation we have to see to it that we keep our body moving. Whether it be Yoga, Massage, or any other physiological approach to healing, we must make sure that our body keeps running the engine and cogs and doesn’t give way to detriments like muscle atrophy. Remember, when we stop the movement, it becomes tough to recover from the effects of Cancer. 

By keeping our body active and energetic, we can maintain the agility and energy output of the body. It is not enough to take the right dietary supplements. We also must strive to make the energy provided by the food reach the places where it is genuinely required. Think of your body as a machine with several cogs which when combined with each other utilise the biochemical energy derived from food in the most optimum capacity. Our motive with the physiological approaches is to make sure we give a chance to the body to do so and reach its optimum energy usage.

Following is a list of some Physiological and Energy Therapies. Click on the links provided to know more about them.

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