Cancer Talk by LHC Facebook Group & Guidelines

Cancer Talk by LHC is a group is to bring patients, caregivers, survivors and cancer specialists together. You can ask treatment-related questions, tell inspiring stories and jokes, connect with others, send hugs…anything you feel. We’ll also share some technical content about cancer & complementary treatments from time to time on this group.

We monitor the group, but it is a place for you to be comfortable and say what you feel. Please just be courteous of others who may have just started their own journeys. When you do post, consider carefully before giving out any of your own personal info (i.e. telephone numbers, addresses, etc.).

Please note that any posts to sell anything or specifically asking for donations will be removed.

Also, all new members will have to have their first several posts reviewed approved by one of the Group Moderators.

Other than that, it’s a free-for-all of sorts!

The Cancer Talk by LHC COMMUNITY is the survivor-initiated, patient-friendly, caretaker-welcoming, taboo-breaking, myth-busting compassionate & hospitable global community beloved by those who belong.

All new members are asked to read and respect our guidelines-

  1. Cancer Talk by LHC has been created as a peer support network for those experiencing cancer as a patient, caregiver, and/or survivor.
  2. Removal from the entire community can be the consequence of a blatant disregard of the expectations, traditions, and/or guidelines. Removal of disrespectful posts and the poster – with no notice – can be a consequence.
  3. Our communities are made up of a diverse mix of races, creeds, nationalities, religions, and political views. Our focus is to provide support for those affected by the diseases of each specific community; mutual support for others is our common bond. Please keep your focus on what we have in common.
  4. In Cancer Talk by LHC, we prohibit discussion of religion or politics. Religious and political proselytizing anywhere in Cancer Talk by LHC is not allowed. We ask that you keep the specifics of your own religion and politics to yourself, in respect for the very diverse community that gathers here. Refrain from using terminology that suggests religiosity of any type; eg, “prayers offered” on behalf of others and/or “thanking God” for a good outcome, etc.
  5. We maintain the right and obligation – on behalf of our entire community – to review and delete posts (and entire discussion threads) whose content prompts stated objection from any other member of the community.
  6. All posts should be supportive and/or useful to the community as a whole. Negative posts about Cancer Talk by LHC in other related support communities will be noted, and the offender can be removed without notice from the privilege of membership in Cancer Talk by LHC.
  7. Personal attacks will not be tolerated; Cancer Talk by LHC members who perpetrate attacks on others will be removed from the community.
  8. Self-promotion, and the sale of products and/or advertisements are prohibited. DO NOT TRY TO SELL ANYTHING in any of our Cancer Talk by LHC GROUPS.
  9. Posting personal blogs (when used instead of posting verbal discussions) is not allowed, and blogs posted may be removed. Our intent is to provide a platform for continuing and on-going discussions and back-and-forth conversations.
  10. Promotion for fundraising/events for other organizations is prohibited, except with prior permission from the Cancer Talk by LHC admins.
  11. Continued promotion of any “cure” or choice – as the only way – is not allowed. Posts of this nature will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
  12. Please do NOT add any of our members to other groups without their explicit permission.

Please be always respectful of all in all conversations. We’re glad you decided to join us!

Please send us join request on Facebook along with this 2 min form – Note that it is mandatory to fill this form for joining the group.

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