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If you have just been diagnosed with Cancer, we are here for you. You must be confused inside your core with no idea what to do next. We at Love Heals Cancer can understand and are here to help. As you might have been instructed by your physician -or soon will be- there are many treatments options available that you can follow to take care of your disease and get back on the track to a bright future. But hold on? Does it mean that before the treatment actually begins you can’t do anything to improve your condition other than worrying out of your mind?

Thankfully no. You can immediately begin exploring following links and find ways to improve your lifestyle and body condition before the treatment that will inevitably follow. By making these changes early on you can make sure that the treatment doesn’t come as a sudden shock to your body and you can gently shift into the healing routine. Most of them are things which have no side effects, and as such, can be followed regardless of the type of treatment or medicine type you end up choosing. 

Start exploring now. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]


None of these therapies are as easy as taking a pill. They take time and effort, but the rewards are immeasurable. 

7 Healing Practices

These practices are inherently health-promoting and can enhance your well-being. Research demonstrates the benefits of these practices. The risks are low, and there are only a few cautions.

  1. Eating Well
  2. Moving More
  3. Sleeping Well
  4. Creating a Healing Environment
  5. Managing Stress
  6. Sharing Love and Support
  7. Finding Meaning and Joy

Quality Living guidelines is similarly beneficial.

Therapies You Can Do Yourself

These therapies are available without prescription. However, note any cautions, and check with your doctor if indicated.

  • Energy Therapies
    • Acupuncture and Acupressure
    • Healing Touch & Therapeutic Touch®
    • Qigong
    • Reiki
    • Yoga
  • Herbs, Supplements and Other Natural Products
    • These are too numerous to list here; please see the All Therapy Summaries database
  • Mind-body Approaches
    • Imagery
    • Simonton Method (Cognitive-behavioral therapy)
  • Religious and spiritual approaches 
  • Other Traditional medicines
    • Ayurveda
    • Homeopathy
    • Ancient Tibetan Medicines

Brian Bouch discusses integrative oncology, part 1


Cancer does not grow in isolation. It develops within an environment we help create by the things we eat day after day, by our stress levels, our physical activity, our support network, the quality of our sleep, and our exposure to environmental toxins.
Lorenzo Cohen & Alison Jeffries

Find Help

  • Your support network: Recent studies show that sharing love and support contributes as much to your health as diet and exercise do.
  • Others who have walked (or are walking) your path: No matter how much friends and family love you, they can’t support you in the same ways as those who share your experience.
  • Cancer Talk: Introduce yourself and share your journey on our patient forum and get help from the community and expert medical practitioners in our network.
  • LHC Support Network: Recent studies show that sharing love and support contributes as much to your health as diet and exercise do. Submit your requirements and get emotional as well as practical support from our volunteers community.
  • Meet the survivors:  No one can support you in the same ways as those who share your experience. Go through the stories of survivors we have met in our journey and connect with them. 
  • Healing Circles: A Healing Circle in simple words is a safe haven where the patients, as well as the caretakers, can find a place where they can make their opinions and experiences heard without fear and remorse. When undergoing an ordeal such as Cancer, the importance of sharing and outpouring what is going on through one’s mind can’t be understated.  Healing Circle is a place where they can find respite. With an open mind and heart full of kindness, the members of a Healing circle actively contribute to the process of universal healing, helping not only themselves but everyone around them. They talk, pour their heart out, and take help of their inner guide to move further into their individual journeys. At Love Heals Cancer we always talk about the importance of Love and Care, and how they can heal any ailment, given sufficient time. Healing Circles are a manifestation of that Love and Care; a place where kindness and humanity meet each other and exchange notes.

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