Articles and Reports

  • A Systematic Review of Psychosocial Interventions to Cancer Caregivers by Fang Fu, Huaijuan Zhao, Feng Tong, and Iris Chi – This systematic review found that paired-intervention targeting self-care and interpersonal connections of caregivers and symptom management of patients is effective in improving quality of life and alleviating depression of cancer caregivers while music therapy is helpful for reducing anxiety of cancer caregivers.
  • Cannabis and Cancer by Donald I. Abrams, MD – Donald Abrams discusses historical and current uses of cannabis in cancer therapies, as well as research and observational findings.
  • Soy and Breast Cancer by The Tracey Birnhak Nutritional Counseling Services – This post includes information on research regarding consumption of soy foods and supplements by breast cancer survivors, including recommended serving sizes.
  • The Moss Reports by Ralph Moss, PhD – The Moss Reports contain comprehensive, up-to-date information on conventional, integrative, experimental, complementary, dietary and alternative cancer treatments, detailed for the 27 most common cancer diagnoses.
  • Using Medical Cannabis in an Oncology Practice by Donald I. Abrams, MD – In this brief article, Donald Abrams addresses several questions for fellow oncologists: How has medical cannabis been utilized in clinical practice? Does mode of administration (inhalation vs oral consumption) matter? What are the obstacles to obtaining medical cannabis? How can oncologists educate themselves about medical cannabis?
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