Month: December 2021

Jyoti Sharma

Jyoti Sharma ji is a Cancer patient at A.I.I.M.S. Her daughter too keeps very unwell.   She repeatedly came to our center and kept asking for a sewing machine. Finally, I asked Mrs.Simran of Pins and Needles India as to where to  buy the machine from. She not only provided a vendor’s contact but also offered …

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Sachin is 14 years old. He lost his leg to Cancer. But got cured. Cancer has now relapsed and he lost the remaining leg too. Doctors want a fresh PET Scan ASAP to assess his further treatment but A.I.I.M.S is giving date after 2 months from now. His PET Scan is for ₹8000 approximately.

Suman Jaiswal

Suman Jaiswal is 23 years old. 3 years ago she drank phenyle to commit sucide but she survived. Since then she can’t talk or eat anything. Through a pipe she can only take liquids. She needs 2 packs Ensure @₹2400, 2 Feeding Bags @₹400 and an electric kettle.

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