Month: December 2021


Pavitra Ji is a very broken soul. Everybody she loved and who was taking care of her is dead. She has been sick since the last 7 years and is being treated in Gynae, Ortho, ENT & Neuro departments at A.I.I.M.S. Presently, she has a tumour in her stomach. She got admitted in Aiims for …

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Baby Fatima is 3 years old. Has Neuro problem related to violent behavior since birth. Also has defect in her feet and is awaiting feet surgery in the Ortho Department Aiims. She needs an electric kettle and protein powder.


Aman is just 10 years old and has been very sick since last 6 months. He has a neurological disorder and since past 4 months has lost his voice and mobility both. His parents are extremely poor. He needs a wheelchair and monthly medicines for ₹10,000 (cost of 1 main medicine is ₹8000).


Pankaj ji is 32 years old suffering from neurological disorders since last 4 years. On 7.10.21 he underwent a major surgery of Brain, neck, right leg and foot. He is paralyzed after the surgery and will take a lot of time to recover and be back on his feet. He will be discharged from A.I.I.M.S. …

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Pinky devi

Pinky devi ji has Brain Tumour since last 4 years. She has lost her mental imbalance too. Last week she underwent a major brain surgery and got discharged today with medicines prescribed for ₹4000 approximately. She needs the medicines. Also, she is unable to eat yet so needs juice for Rs.600. Have given her Protein …

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Aanshi is 4 years old and was fighting Cancer. But her Doctor has given up on her. Presently, she is on ventilator. Her father wants to take her back home in Pirmokam, Bihar which is 1400 km from Delhi. Cost of Ambulance will be ₹35,000 to ₹40,000. That’s a lot of money but a child …

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Arvind Kumar Gupta

Arvind Kumar Gupta ji is at the Diagnostic Center for his MRI. But for contrast, ₹2500 has to be paid for the dye. And ₹2000 for the Films. He has been sick for 10 years and has an illiterate wife with dialect issues. He is struggling a lot with his treatments at A.I.I.M.S.


Bindu ji is 32 years old. Since 2012 her back has bent down. She will finally be going through a major surgery in a week’s time. Immediately she will need a wheelchair.


Lalit is 17 years old and has lost one leg to Cancer. He needs a pair of Crutches. Approximate cost is ₹1200-1500.

Mia Mohammed

Mia Mohammed ji needed a Pelvis MRI which we got done thanks to Meera ji. Now doctor is asking for the Films. Each film is for ₹500 and he needs 5 Films.  Help with ₹2500. He is waiting at the Diagnostic Lab.

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